How to: Bow ties from Old Neck ties!

17 Feb

It is always difficult for get a gift for a guy … so here is an idea! A Bow tie! Its fun, cool, cheap and useful!

So I was recently looking for ideas for gifts for a guy friend and I found this really cool tutorial to make bow ties out of spare/old neck ties! 

Easy Bow Tie tutorial

I  bought two broad neck ties which cost me approximately Rs. 150 each and a velcro strap  for Rs.10 and Voilà I was good to go!

I don’t really know how to stitch but this was pretty easy and didn’t take that long!! My friend loved them !! They fit him PERFECTLY!!

This is a great gift for a friend or even your dad! 🙂

Things you will need for this project are:-

  1. Neck Tie
  2. Needle and thread
  3. Velcro Strap
  4. A pair of scissors and
  5. Measuring tape ( can’t find one…… a ruler will do just fine!)

Gather all your supplies and your all set to go! 🙂

Just click here and you can get started!

These are what mine looked like!!

post 1

Please post and share pictures of your bow ties!


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