How to: Sparkly Rustic Tray!

25 Feb


Don’t know what to do with an old tray? Here’s an idea!

it’s sleek and modern, but plain enough so that you can customize it with just a couple of simple steps! I decided to make mine feel a bit more festive with some glitter tape (the width matches the tray perfectly) that I ran along the edge and twine that I wrapped around the handles to offset the sparkles. I love how it came out, but am perhaps even just as excited about the fact that if I want a holiday-inspired tray in a couple of months that I can easily re-do the entire thing.

Things you will need are:

  1. A tray
  2. Glitter tape (any colour you like)
  3. Twine rope
  4. Scissors

Incase your edge of your tray isnt the perfect size for the tape dont worry! you can overlap it …. trust me it wont show! This project wont take m=you more than an hour!

tray7 tray8 tray1 tray2 (1) tray2 tray3 (1) tray3 tray5 tray6


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