How to: Ribbon Dispenser!

9 Mar

I’ve always struggled with organising ribbons!! I have 3 messy boxes full of ribbons! I thought it was high time I organised them! I came across a few really cool ideas to organise them, they are really easy and quick methods!

This first method is really easy to make all you need is a cardboard box, dowels and a scissor to make holes for the dowels and craft paper to decorate your ribbon dispenser! 🙂

post 5a

The second type was from a tutorial i found, its by Martha Stewart! Yep that why its so cool!

Begin with a sturdy cardboard container (we used a store-bought CD storage box). With a utility knife, make a 1/4-inch hole in the center of both short sides. Place ribbon spools in box. Cut a 1/4-inch-thick dowel to length of box, and slide through box and spools; press wide thumbtacks into dowel ends. Cut slits for ribbon, and pull ribbon ends through. For a polished look, attach grommets using a grommet kit (available at hardware stores), and label side of box.

post 5a1These are a few other really cool and innovative ways to organise your ribbons!!

post 5a2


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